The Church At Home SingAlong Challenge!

The Church at Home SingAlong Challenge:
We’ve been so blessed by the homegrown musical contributions of our members – many of them from youth and children. We’d like to include more of these contributions in our services. So… here’s an open invitation. If you are musically inclined, we invite you to send us video recordings of you and members of your family recording your favourite worship songs. 

The songs can be vocal or instrumental. They can be songs of praise, confession, dedication, or related to Lord’s Supper. They can be songs related to our study of Mark: exploring who Jesus is, following Jesus, and sharing the gospel of Jesus. We’ll add these songs to our collection of recordings with the hope of including them in a future service. Children and youth are encouraged to join in. 

Just note that if you submit a song, you are also giving us permission to post your recording to our church website (as part of that week’s video recording) after the service.

Please contact James Bosma ( if you’d like to participate, or if you have any questions.

P.s. Does the Spirit speak to you in other ways? Do you express it through art, poetry, or other media? Please be encouraged to share that, too.