December 18, 2022

Suprises that Aren’t Surprises

Passage: Luke 1:57-80

I've focused this Advent on the Surprises of God, the way God shows up and acts in ways that we don't expect. But in this last of four stories in Luke 1, we are reminded that God's surprises aren't really surprises for those who know his character. Zechariah prophesies that God will redeem his people (bring salvation and light). Far from being a surprise, God's redeeming action is grounded in the covenant God has had with his people since Abraham, rooted in his lovingkindess -- "mercy" in Luke 1:50,54,58,72,78 connects to "hesed" in Old Testament, which is the LOVE and covenant faithfulness of God.

How might we live in anticipation of God's redemptive actions, rooted in his covenant love? How might we be people, like John the Baptist, who "go on before the Lord to prepare the way for him" (1:76)?