Meet our Staff

We want people encounter the love of Jesus and learn how to let Him lead in every part of their lives. Together, we explore the Bible and accept God's invitation to bring hope and compassion to the people in our lives and our city. If you have questions about what it means to be a follower of Christ or would like to know more about our church, please contact us using the Get In Touch form below.

Cara DeHaan

Lead Pastor


I desire everyone to experience the loving, forgiving, powerful presence of God in their lives—a relationship leading to true hope, comfort, transformation, and willingness to work with God in the world. Toward that goal I pray, listen to Jesus, read the Bible, and rely on the Holy Spirit. I share God’s Story through preaching and teaching. I listen and ask questions. I encourage and equip Faith’s staff and leaders. Please contact me if you have questions about God, the Bible, faith, life, or anything at all. I’d love to listen, to pray, and to seek God with you.


Leah Mercer2018

Leah Mercer

Children's Ministries Coordinator

Our children are an important part of our family here at Faith. It is a privilege to walk alongside them as they learn and grow in their journey with God. We offer many programs — on Sunday mornings, during the week, and in the summer. These programs wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our amazing volunteers! For more information about our programs or about how to volunteer, please contact me.


Ashley Tamminga

Office Administrator


I'm pleased to be a first-contact for people who enter our building, phone, or email with general inquiries.  Keeping our administration running smoothly and well organized, maintaining databases, producing print-media and supporting all our ministries is my idea of a good time! If you don't know who to ask about something, I can point you in the right direction.

Lynne Horsman

Lynne Horsman

Building Coordinator


My motto is “clean like God could walk through the doors any minute.”  How would He feel walking into His church. With that in mind, I strive to have our building in tip top shape. Should you see any area not in order please feel free to contact me in person or by email and I’m happy to take care of it.