Sermon Questions 01-14-2024

Sermon Questions for Reflection and/or Discussion, January 14, 2024
Series: Good Question!
Text: John 1:35-42
Title: What are you Looking For?

1. Opening: Re-connect after the Christmas break by sharing a highlight and a lowlight about your holiday season. Perhaps, also, you can think of a conversation over the past month that started with a good question – what was the question and why was it effective?

2. Summarize the scene in John 1:35-42. If you had been one of John’s disciples, what would you have done when Jesus came by a second time?

3. Jesus says to the two disciples, “Come and you will see.” What are some ways you come close to Jesus? For those who don’t want to come close to Jesus right now, what might Jesus say to them?

4. Jesus says to all of us, “What do you want?” or “What are you looking for?” How have you answered that question from Jesus in the past? How would you answer him now?

5. It’s not long after the two disciples spend time with Jesus that Andrew goes to tell his brother about Jesus. How might you use the question “What are you looking for?” and Jesus’ invitation “Come and see” in your interactions with others?

6. Optional: Skim through one or more gospels. Which questions strike you, posed either by Jesus or by someone else? Consider suggesting one of these questions to Pastor Cara for a future sermon in this series.