Sermon Questions 03-03-2024

Sermon Questions for Reflection and/or Discussion, March 3, 2024
Series: Good Question!
Matthew 18:10-14, “Will He Not Leave the Ninety-Nine…?”

1. Opening: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Talk together about proverbs and wise sayings—your favourites, your least favourite, or ones that you heard growing up. This could be especially fun or informative if your group is multicultural or multilingual!

2. Optional: In her sermon, Pastor Cara tried to highlight the different nuances between the parable of the lost sheep told in Luke 15:1-7 and the one told in Matthew 18:10-14. Read them for yourself and note the differences.

3. What sort of person does Jesus mean by “wandering sheep” in Matthew 18? How can the church seek to restore them to the fold? Why is this task important?

4. Were you ever a wandering sheep who was found and brought back? Share the story. Or share a story of someone you know.

5. Who are the wandering sheep in your life?

6. If you were to do one thing this week to “leave the ninety-nine,” what would it be? If Faith Church were to do one thing to shift our focus and resources toward the one wandering sheep, what should it be? (Share your ideas with Pastor Cara or a Council member.)