Sermon Questions 03-24-2024

Sermon Questions for Reflection and/or Discussion, March 24, 2024
Series: Good Question!
Mark 11:1-11, “Why Are You Doing This, Untying the Colt?”

1. Opening: If Google could answer all your questions, which Why question would you google? Or if time and money were no barrier, which Why question would you spend your life exploring?

2. Read Mark 11:1-11. Imagine being present for Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, perhaps as a disciple, a member of the crowd, or a Jewish religious leader. What would you have seen, heard, smelled, tasted, felt? What would you be thinking and feeling?

3. Why does Jesus enter Jerusalem on a donkey? After discussing, spend some time praising him in prayer.

4. “Why are you doing this?” “Because the Lord…” Who inspires you by their sacrificial service to Jesus, a.k.a. by their sacrificial participation in the coming kingdom of God?

5. What do you do because of Jesus? Have you ever been in a situation where you had the chance to “give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15)?

6. What is something you will do this week in the name of Jesus, a.k.a. in collaboration with God’s coming kingdom—maybe something that will spark curiosity among bystanders?