Sermon Questions June 9, 2024

Sermon Questions for Reflection and/or Discussion, June 9, 2024
Series: Our Anniversary – “Forty … and Then What??”
Luke 4:14-21, “Forty Days and Then … MINISTER IN THE SPIRIT’S POWER!”

1. Opening: Have you ever used a TripTik? How do you figure out where to go and where to stop on road trips? Perhaps you have a fun story to share…

2. Read Luke 4:14-21. What does this passage tell us about Jesus’ sense of purpose and direction? (Pastor Cara suggests three things.)

3. How might these insights about Jesus (in Q#2) be helpful to Faith Church as we seek God’s direction for the future? Give an example if you can.

4. Are these insights about Jesus (in Q#2) helpful to you in your own attempts to find purpose and direction? Why or why not? What other sources have you consulted for purpose and direction?

5. Have you ever felt a strong sense of the Spirit’s anointing? If yes, share the story. If not, does the Spirit’s anointing seem appealing to you? How might you seek it?

6. As you look at this passage, what words or phrases catch your attention to guide you in the coming week?