23-06-04 Sermon Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions for Home Church and others
Isaiah 55, “The Practice of Listening”
Theme: God calls us to listen to him, a practice that brings flourishing.

1. Opening: Are you comfortable with silence? Do you seek it out? Why or why not?
2. What makes listening to God difficult for you?
3. Isaiah 55 offers various images of flourishing in response to listening to God’s Word (see v.1-2, v.3-5, v.10-13). Which one resonates most with you?

4. There are many ways to hear God’s voice – Scripture, human messengers (sermons, podcasts, songs, books, conversation, etc), and directly in your spirit. How does God typically get your attention?
5. Share about a time when you heard from God and what you did with his direction.
6. Listening to God tends to be easier when we are disconnected from technology. Do you have a digital-free time period in your day or week? If yes, how and why do you do it, and what effect does it have? If no, consider what the impact might be if you give it a try.