23-06-18 Sermon Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions for Home Church and others
Psalm 8, “The Practice of Wonder”

Theme: God evokes awestruck wonder through his creativity and power in creation and through his love for and commissioning of human beings… and through more!

1. Opening: Share a time when you felt wonder (related or unrelated to God).
2. The psalmist expresses wonder to God related to (1) his creativity and power in creation and (2) his love for and commissioning of human beings. Share stories of your own experiences of wonder.
3. It is argued that being childlike can assist with wonder and can even ward off “enemies” (see Psalm 8:2). What does it look like to be childlike? What “enemies” can be warded off by wonder?
4. Although wonder includes a measure of surprise, there are ways to be intentional about cultivating wonder. What might you do this week to increase your wonder? (Consult the Faith Practices booklet for ideas.)
5. Take a look back at the other Faith Practices we’ve explored so far: Remembering, Justice and Mercy, Celebrating, Hospitality, Listening, and Service. Which one(s) have you tried in a new way this spring? What is something you’ve learned? Can you see any indication that they are helping you to “love God and our neighbour, listen to the Spirit, and become more like Jesus”?