November 6th Home Church Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions, November 6, 2022
Matthew 5:21-26 (also v.1-10), “Relationships Reconciled”

Theme: Jesus welcomes us into the spacious beauty of a new world (his kingdom) where reconciliation and love trump anger.

1. Opener: Have you ever been in a beautiful cave or cavern? Where? When?
2. Not all anger is wrong. What type of anger is Jesus speaking against? How have you seen anger affect you, your loved ones, and/or Faith Church?
3. Scholar Dale Bruner suggests that every command in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) is meant to draw us back to the Beatitudes (5:1-10). What does he mean? Which Beatitude promise is most helpful to you personally, especially as you seek to be a person of reconciliation, not anger?
4. Share a story of reconciliation that inspires you. Or share one next step you can take as part of Jesus’ reconciling kingdom.
5. This is our last message on “The Gift and Goal of Unity.” What’s one way that this series has affected your perspective, heart, or behaviour? (Consider sharing a collective or individual response to this question with Pastor Cara.)