23-02-26 Sermon Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions for Home Church and others
Luke 9:51-62, “The Only Way is Through”
Theme: Jesus calls us to embrace the journey to Jerusalem.

1. Opening: If you could spend time in any one city, which would it be and why?
2. “The only way is through.” How have you experienced this truth in your life (apart from discipleship)? (For interest or further explanation, look up Under Armour ads via #theonlywayisthrough on YouTube.)
3. Summarize what it means for Jesus to “set his face to go to Jerusalem” (9:51).
4. What does this passage teach us about the challenges of being a follower of Jesus? (Pastor Cara mentions four things.) How have you experienced these challenges personally? Which aspect feels most challenging for you?
5. Why do you choose to follow Jesus, and seek to be transformed to be like him, when the journey is hard?
6. Consider sharing with one another what you’ve chosen to do for Lent (type of fast or a different spiritual practice) as an expression of journeying with Jesus to Jerusalem, into deeper discipleship.