23-03-05 Sermon Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions for Home Church and others
Luke 11:1-13, “Needy Children”
Theme: Our heavenly Father welcomes our neediness, responding with good gifts, the greatest of which is the Holy Spirit.

1. Opening: What is something you really wanted as a kid? (Did you get it?)
2. Is it okay to be needy in prayer? Why or why not?
3. Read verses 9-10. Sometimes we ask God for things but don’t receive them. If you’re willing, share an example. How do we reconcile that reality with Jesus’ promise in these verses?
4. Read verses 12-13 again. What do you make of the Holy Spirit being the Father’s response to our requests?
5. Check in with one another about the fasting / spiritual practice you’ve chosen to do during Lent. What are you learning?