23-04-23 Sermon Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions for Home Church and others

Joshua 4:1-9, 19-24 “The Practice of Remembering”

Theme: God gives us the practice of remembering to center our attention on what God HAS DONE in our lives, to deepen our assurance that God IS with us here and now, and to expand our hope and anticipation for what God WILL yet DO.

  1. Opening: Share some of the things you practice: what have you practiced the longest? What thing have you started practicing most recently?
  2. Browse through the Faith Practices booklet (distributed at church) or the related website https://www.crcna.org/FaithPracticesProject. What catches your attention? What do you think or feel about exploring faith practices this spring?
  3. Imagine being in the land of Israel and coming upon the stones at Gilgal, near the Jordan River. If a child were to ask you what the stones mean, what would you say?
  4. What is a Bible story or passage you call to mind when you need a reminder of the Trinity’s work and character? And/or what Bible story might give you hope in something you’re currently facing?
  5. Share an object from your own life that helps you remember God’s power and faithfulness to you.
  6. What is one way you might incorporate the practice of Remembering into your life this week or month?