Home Church Questions November 27

Sermon Discussion Questions, November 27, 2022
Luke 1:5-25, “Surprises for the Waiting”
Theme: In the waiting, God shows up, answers prayer, and is on the move on a grand scale.

1. Opening: Do you like surprises? Share a surprise you did like / didn’t like.
2. Pastor Cara described three “God surprises” in this story. Which one seems most surprising to you? Are there ways in which these surprises are not surprising at all?
3. Have you been surprised by God as he did to Zechariah, Elizabeth, and the people of Israel? Share a story of a time God (perhaps in a surprising way) showed up for you, answered your prayer, or demonstrated that he is on the move. (Does your Home Church have a story to share during worship sometime this Advent? Please contact Pastor Cara.)
4. What is one way you might grow during this Advent in looking for or responding to God’s work in your life or the world?