January 8th/23 Home Church Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions for Home Church and Others

Luke 3:1-22, “Power at the Jordan”
Theme: In his power, God claims us as his children (like Jesus), creates a community marked by repentance and good fruit (like the crowd), and authorizes us for his work (like John).

1. Opening (a time of reconnecting): How did you experience God’s hope, peace, joy, or love this Christmas season?
2. Have you committed to reading the gospel of Luke this winter with our Faith family? If no, why not? If yes, will you be using an ESV Scripture Journal or a different Bible?
3. What did God draw your attention to (an observation or a question) in Luke 3 or in Pastor Cara’s sermon?
4. Power, most simply, is “the ability to make something of the world,” or “the ability to participate in that stuff-making, sense-making process that is the most distinctive thing that human beings do” (Andy Crouch, Playing God). Power is good and essential, but it can be misused. In this passage, we see power being used by John, the people, Herod, and God the Father. What is one way you can submit well to God’s power in your life this week (consider vv.8-9,22, as well as John’s example in v.16)? What is one way you can use the power you hold to bear good fruit this week (consider John’s example throughout this story and John’s teaching in vv.10-14)?