January 15/23 Home Church Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions for Home Church and others

Luke 4:14-30, “The Good News of the King – For All the People?”

Theme: Jesus comes to earth to bring good news for all the people (even you).

  1. Opening: Share about a memorable camp experience. (This is a fun way to get the conversation started; it’s not closely connected to the sermon/passage.)
  2. If you were to sum up your life as a Jesus-follower in one word or phrase, what would it be (e.g., “sacrifice”)? How does that word align with Jesus’ words in Luke 4:18-19?
  3. What is the “good news” of Jesus the King?
  4. Read Luke 2:10. Like Luke 4, it indicates that Jesus’ good news is offered to all. Do you agree? Has there been a time when you felt resentful about how wide Jesus’s embrace is? Or doubted it? Or been wowed by it?
  5. Consider someone in your life who doesn’t know Jesus. What are they longing for? What might you say to this individual about Jesus to help them recognize the good news of the King?