January 29/23 Sermon Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions for Home Church and others

Luke 5:12-16, “(un) Broken Dreams”

  1. Leprosy would be a shocking discovery. What’s the best or worse discovery you’ve made recently?
  2. What does leprosy look like in our world today? How might you resonate with Pastor Ron’s statement, “A leper is roaming around inside us”?
  3. a) Jesus’ touch healed the leper, but as Ron pointed out, the task of restoring him to his community was so much more than a physical cure. Brainstorm all the different ways Christ’s Loving Touch would need to be extended to this man by the people in his community (priest, family, workplace etc.)

b) What would restoration of a “leper” look like in our world?

4. Ron told the story of a teacher who promised his students, “I will not let you leave this class thinking of yourself as a Zero.” What’s one thing you can do in your spheres of influence to live out this same promise with people who might feel unworthy or undesirable? How do (and how might) we as a church share Christ’s Loving Touch with the world, as part of the developing movement of God’s kingdom?

5. Bonus: Why do you think Jesus told the man not to tell anyone when he was healed (v.14)?