Home Church Questions September 25

Sermon Discussion Questions, September 25
Philippians 2:1-11, “A Mindful Move toward Unity: Humility”
Theme: Jesus offers us motive and model for a mindful move toward unity: humility.

1.      If this is your first gathering this fall, catch up on your months apart: share about a time you experienced God’s love this summer.

2.      Opener: Are you competitive? Where does your competitiveness show up most?
3.      What is humility, and how is it connected to unity? How does Jesus offer us a motive (reason) and a model for humility?
4.      Think of someone you disagree with, someone you might choose to avoid. What is one thing you might do to “Go Toward” them in a humble, generous spirit?
5.      We’re encouraged to “Get Curious” by asking questions. How can you tell the difference between genuine, humble curiosity and “counterfeit questions” whose goal is victory or power, not understanding? Maybe you can share an example from your own life.
6.      Our next Service Worship Sunday is October 30. Start thinking as a group: is there an organization or cause you’re passionate about, which you could serve together for Service Worship? How might you incorporate your passion or desire to serve into the regular rhythms of your Home Church this year? The deacons would love to hear about your decision, so you can partner in connecting with service sites.
Consider closing with a prayer for humility using Psalm 131.