Sermon Questions October 29, 2023

Sermon Questions for Reflection and/or Discussion,
October 29, 2023, Service Worship Sunday
1 John 2:3-11, “Sent to Live like Jesus”

1. Opening: Share about a time when light became especially precious or important to you.

2. What does it mean to live like Jesus? Think about his example in the gospels. Also consider our passage from 1 John. How is living like Jesus connected to being a Christian?

3. If you participated in Service Worship today, how did you “live as Jesus did”? How did it feel (challenging, joyful, impossible, fulfilling, frustrating, other)? Share an example of Christlikeness you observed in someone else in your group.

4. Think about your work and other activities Monday to Saturday. How do you seek to “live like Jesus” in these contexts? Share a specific example of a Christlike practice you would like to try (again or for the first time) this week. Before your group disperses, pray for one another in accomplishing these goals.

5. (Optional) Reading 1 John has made me (Pastor Cara) wonder if, when you live like Jesus, you not only experience Light more vibrantly but also come face to face more strongly with Darkness. What do you think? Agree or disagree? Examples?